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Who Makes Everlast Batteries: Product History & Other Info

Last Updated on: July 10, 2024

Generally, most vehicles come with conventional batteries; therefore, we cannot deny their benefits, especially when starting the car under harsh conditions or even powering most of its electrical components.


There are several car battery brands in the market, with one of the common automobile battery brands that have dominated the industry being the Everstart battery. If you have ever handled any automobile, you may have come across this brand, but have you ever wondered who makes Everstart batteries?

What Is An Everstart Battery?

Everstart Battery

Everstart is an exceptional budget car battery brand that guarantees you high performance. They are environmentally friendly car batteries that can operate when the temperature is low and even in adverse circumstances. And depending on your experience level, you can use this car battery for two to three years.

Like most current car batteries, the Everstart batteries are maintenance-free, so they don’t need to be refilled regularly.

Therefore, they are ideal for drivers working with a tight budget but still need a high-quality car battery.  

Who Makes Everstart Batteries?

Johnson Controls International

Everstart batteries are high-end car batteries trusted by several car manufacturers, but have you ever wondered why they are quite popular? Well, the Everstart batteries are high-quality products created by a renowned firm known as Johnson Controls International.

Johnson Controls International is an American corporation that provides security, HVAC, and firefighting equipment for buildings.

Johnson Controls’ batteries can be found in every corner of the planet, but most of their products are usually sold in the United States and surrounding areas.

Based in Cork, Ireland, this company was listed in the Fortune Global 500 in 2017. This American Irish-based firm was established in 1885 by Warren Johnson, a professor at the present-day Wisconsin-Whitewater University.

Thanks to its electric room thermostat, this firm helped establish the building control industry in the United States. But after Johnson’s death, they started focusing on non-residential buildings. The company took over the Standard Electric Time firm in 1970 before changing its name to Johnson Controls in 1974.

Johnson Controls started manufacturing batteries in 1978 after they acquired a battery manufacturing company known as the Globe-Union. Other than this Walmart batteries brand, they have manufactured several battery brands, including:

  • Delaware
  • OPTIMA battery
  • Heliar
  • Continental

Most folks have always wondered, if Johnson Controls is based in Cork, Ireland, are all the Everstart car batteries produced in Ireland? For more details on “who makes Everstart batteries?” and more, please read on.

Where Are Everstart Batteries Produced?

Johnson Controls International is an Irish-based American Multinational Corporation; therefore, they have several sites all over the globe where they manufacture their products, including the Everstart batteries. Some of these factories that supply this brand to Walmart stores can be found in South Korea, Canada, and the United States.

For instance, the major producers of Walmart Everstart batteries in Canada are Exide Technologies.

They are responsible for manufacturing the premium Walmart Everstart batteries sold exclusively in the Walmart Canada system. They also produce several Everstart batteries for specific purposes; therefore, you can easily get an Everstart battery that fits your needs.

Some of their most popular Everstart battery versions include:

The Everstart Maxx Group-24 Battery

Everstart Maxx Group-24 Battery

This high-quality Everstart battery is easy to use and has a CCA of about 700 amperes. And one of the key advantages of this battery line is that they have a very long shelf life and can easily operate in harsh weather conditions. Plus, these Everstart car batteries come with a long-term warranty policy.

The Everstart Maxx Batteries, Group 24DC

Everstart Maxx Batteries, Group 24DC

The Maxx group 24DC is one of the many Everstart max batteries in the market with a high voltage rating of 12volts. This Everstart battery is ideal for recreational vehicles, and it can also power some marine equipment, including trolling engines, GPS navigation, and radios.

Some advantages of these Everstart batteries include a two-year warranty, stable power supply, and recharge faster than most brands.

Unfortunately, this Everstart battery line does have a shorter lifespan than some of the brands in the market of the same type.

The Everstart Value Group 26R Battery

Everstart Value Group 26R Battery

This is one of the few Everstart batteries that are compatible with different vehicle models.

The value group 26R battery comes with cold cranking amperes of about 525; therefore, they can start your vehicle even when the temperature is very low.

Plus, the fact that it comes with a one-year warranty is a bonus.

Other Everstart Batteries

Johnson Controls also produces several deep cycle batteries like the Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Batteries in size 27 DC. Another reliable Walmart battery from Johnson Controls is the Everstart Plus Lead Acid Automotive Batteries, with a CCA of about 525. This lead-acid automotive battery can easily start your car’s engine.

Lead Acid Marine & RV Deep Cycle Batteries in size 27 DC
Everstart Plus Lead Acid Automotive Batteries, with a CCA of about 525

Everstart Battery Application

  • Automotive batteries: this automotive battery combines water and sulfuric acid to create a unique chemical reaction to power your car and several of its electronics.
  • Marine and deep cycle battery: this automotive battery discharges a steady current. And the main difference between these marine and normal car batteries is that they use a minute amount of electricity at any given time.
  • Multi-sport batteries: these batteries are designed to power snowmobiles, but the only disadvantage is that you will have to refill water after using it for a certain period.
  • Leisure and vehicle batteries: Johnson Controls offers several options under this category, the most common being the batteries for riding lawn mowers and tractors. The batteries for lawn mowers are smaller than the usual automobile battery but function using the same principle as an SUV battery.

What Are Some Of The Problems You Can Incur While Using Everstart Battery?

Everstart batteries are highly rated automobile batteries with a stable power supply and exceptional quality. Unfortunately, their lifeline can be reduced by several problems, which results in you purchasing a new battery within the shortest time possible. So to increase their lifespan, you should always monitor the following problems:

  • Loose connection
  • Deep battery discharge
  • Charging problems
  • Excessive loading

When you notice any of the above issues, you should have them fixed immediately for your battery to continue functioning at the highest possible level. And if damaged, make sure you dispose of it correctly; after all, it can affect the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walmart Everstart A Good Battery?

Walmart Everstart batteries are exceptional for several marine equipment, tractors, and vehicles. Everstart is made by Johnson Controls, a top company known for its high CCA and powered products. Therefore, you should expect these batteries to work perfectly, even in icy conditions.

Since they require little-to-no maintenance, you can rest assured that they will serve you for a very long time without being serviced. Everstart batteries are reliable and durable; therefore, you can expect them to start your engine even when the temperature is too low. Therefore, Johnson Controls is one of the few firms that guarantee you an affordable, high-quality automobile battery.

Do Johnson Controls Manufacture Everstart Battery Lines?

Yes, Johnson Controls International is the sole producer of the Everstart brand of batteries for Walmart. It is one of the largest American battery producers known for manufacturing high-quality batteries that have passed many lab tests.

How Much Does Everstart Battery Cost?

The price of a huge percentage of automobile batteries at Walmart, including this brand, ranges between $65 and $140. However, the exact price of these batteries will depend on the battery size and model. Therefore, it would help if you could check online and confirm the exact cost of these batteries in Walmart.


Everstart brand is one of the best budget automobile batteries in the market that guarantees you high-end products at an affordable price. The sole manufacturer of these batteries is Johnson Controls, which is responsible for producing Everstart batteries for Walmart. If you’re looking for an affordable high-end car battery for your car, then you should consider getting an Everstart battery.

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