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Valucraft Battery Review: We Charge Behind Its Popularity

Last Updated on: July 10, 2024

Being short on cash can make purchasing a new automobile battery difficult. While you believe your car needs a top-tier battery, your savings tell you otherwise.

And you’re hesitant to buy a cheap one because most of them are usually of poor quality. However, the Valucraft battery line begs to differ because it provides excellent performance for little. It’s not the best product on the market, but it’s certainly not the worst.

Consequently, if you’re considering buying a Valucraft car battery, and you require a thorough brand review. Don’t worry; I’ve got you! The top models, features, and advantages of Valucraft batteries are all covered in this article. So, continue reading!

Valucraft Batteries Overview

For people having enough bucks to spare on car batteries, Valucraft might not be their first pick. This is not because this battery brand is subpar; it’s simply not part of the top-tier battery brands. 

Valucraft Battery is an affordable battery brand that offers excellent value and performance. It contains some features and specifications that make it deserving of purchase by car owners. Since Valucraft is AutoZone’s private label brand, many people frequently believe that AutoZone produces this brand. 

However, this is not the case since AutoZone is the largest seller of these batteries among other battery brands like Duralast Batteries. 

Who Manufactures Valucraft Batteries?

Johnson Controls and Exide are the manufacturers of the Valucraft batteries sold by Autozone. However, given that Johnson Controls produces most of the batteries for various brands, it is safe to infer that they are the primary producer of Valucraft batteries.

Johnson Controls operates many battery production facilities, most of which are in the US. Additionally, this corporation boasts manufacturing facilities in China’s western, eastern, and northeastern regions.

Exide Technology, the other producer of Valucraft batteries, has facilities worldwide but has its headquarters in the United States and Europe. Exide boasts three recycling sites and seven production units in the US. Additionally, they have three recycling sites and ten production locations across Europe.

Valucraft Battery Review

Valucraft batteries’ affordability, high cold cranking amperage, and reserve capacity make them a fantastic choice when buying an automobile battery. The Valucraft brand is the finest in its class of inexpensive automobile batteries. Its features don’t exactly set it apart from other, more expensive battery brands.

Thanks to the strong cold-cranking amps, the battery will start any engine, regardless of the cold weather or conditions. 

Furthermore, the battery’s substantial reserve capacity guarantees it can withstand a 25-amp load for up to 110 minutes before recharging.

Let’s further look at some of the other outstanding features and specifications that this battery brand can brag about.

Specs and Features of Valucraft Batteries

Valucraft batteries may not be the best compared to those top-tier batteries, but they definitely get the job done. Additionally, its features and specs make it a good battery option. Here are some significant features and specifications of the Valucraft automobile battery:

1. Large Reserve Capacity

When driving, the extra minutes a battery provides are pretty important. All Valucraft have capacities set aside for unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, even if you have used up the charge, you need not worry about your battery running out of juice while driving. 

Valucraft tests the battery reserve capacity shortly before the maximum charge is applied. All Valucraft batteries include a 110-minute capacity, allowing for the battery’s continued usage before recharging. Most of the time, the load it can sustain is 25 amperes or higher.

2. High CCA

Every Valucraft car battery is made to have a higher cold cranking amperage (CCA). The battery’s ability to start up at a low temperature is measured in terms of cold cranking amps. Most 12-volt batteries can generate a tiny amount of energy in 30 seconds at 0°C. 

An excellent battery with a higher CCA offers a better capacity to supply the engine with the power it needs to start. 

Batteries made by Valucraft have a standard CCA rating of 690 amps. 

Therefore, a Valucraft automobile battery can provide the necessary power for your automobile to start.

3. LifeGrid Technology

Valucraft batteries make use of LifeGrid technology. The LifeGrid brand trademark grid tech guarantees the consistency of the batteries. Therefore, you can utilize your Valucraft battery for an extended period, meaning it is a reliable battery.

4. Low Cost

The Valucraft automobile battery is what you need if you require a good, dependable battery, but your budget is constrained. Although these batteries are not pricey, they are excellent in terms of quality. It’s a reliable starter battery that provides your automobile with the starting power it requires at a lower cost.

5. Lead-Acid Battery

Valucraft batteries emanate from lead-acid-type batteries. These types of batteries have a large amount of application and possess abilities that are of great benefit to numerous kinds of cars.

6. Efficient and Durable

Valucraft batteries provide the best combination of power and performance. The batteries are invulnerable to deterioration in any environment or weather condition the battery is used. In this regard, they are likewise durable.

7. Satisfactory Service Life

The Valucraft car battery is known to have a long service period. You can use it in numerous applications without any fret of changing them anytime shortly. This helps you in cost-saving, as these batteries offer budget-friendly expenses.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High cold-cranking power
  • 1-year free replacement warranty
  • High reserve capacity
  • Lightweight and Mobile
  • It comes with vent caps making the battery safer to use.


  • Inefficient compared to top-tier batteries
  • Short lifespan 
  • Short warranty period

Best Valucraft Batteries Models You Can Buy

The sizes and models of Valucraft batteries vary. Each battery is designed for a specific type of engine. These batteries have various CCAs as a result. The top-rated Valucraft brand batteries available include:

1. 65 VL Group Size 65 650 CCA Valucraft Battery

This Valucraft car battery is created to give a CCA of 650 amps. This makes the battery applicable to regions of the country with cold weather conditions. It can provide the required 110 minutes of stored capacity your car’s engine needs to start on its initial attempt.

Furthermore, it features a flat handle; this VL group size 65 battery has a flat handle that can be folded, making it easy for you to transport it if the need arises. This starter battery gives your vehicle the jumping power, even if it’s a big or heavy vehicle. You need not worry if anything happens to the battery because it also features a 1-year warranty.

Price Rate

This model of Valucraft automobile battery is priced at $106.99, which is the normal price plus core. It is also available at a discounted price of just $84.99.

2. 35-VL Group Size 35 520 CCA Valucraft Battery

This Valucraft automobile battery emanates from the Group 35 batteries of Valucraft. The available battery power is adequate to jump-start your car with fewer accessories. This battery is best for you if you often use your car and you don’t want to spend too much on what you prefer on a starter battery.

The 35-VL Valucraft automobile battery comes with a CCA of 520 amps. This makes accessible the cranking power that is needed to turn on your car even in cold weather conditions. In the entire lifespan of the battery, it will give a satisfactory output.

It also comes with Valucraft’s proprietary LifeGrid tech that ensures the best result is produced each time you ignite your car. The 110-minute sustain capacity provides the easy start of your vehicle even on a freezing day. It also features a warranty of 1 year.

Price Rate

The 35-VL Valucraft battery is discounted at $99, while its regular price plus core is $121.99.

3. 34DT-VL Group Size 34 690 CCA Valucraft Battery

The 34DT-VL Valucraft is one of the most powerful Valucraft models. This is because it has a very impressive CCA of 690 amps. This battery also has 110 minutes of capacity for starting power. 

The 34DT-VL Valucraft battery also features Valucraft’s proprietary LifeGrid tech, a 1-year warranty, and a standard flat handle that makes it easy and mobile. This battery can produce the best outputs from 3 to 5 years. 

It’s a surprise that a battery with its capabilities is considerably cheaper than other models.

Price Rate

The 34DT-VL Valucraft battery regular is $99.99, which is the cost of the battery one unit.

4. 78-VL Group Size 78 630 CCA Valucraft Battery

This Valucraft automobile battery will undoubtedly give you a perfect performance for your money. The 78-VL Valucraft battery also features the brand’s LifeGrid tech. It can provide enough power to start any passenger car, even bigger vehicles. This 78-VL Valucraft car battery CCA rating is 630 amps, enough to jump-start cold engines in cold winter. 

It also features foldable flat handles, making it easy to hold and very convenient. This battery also has a reserve capacity of 110 minutes, which is stunning because of its lightweight feature (it weighs 35.31 pounds). Furthermore, you’re guaranteed a 1-year warranty that’s common to all Valucraft batteries.

Price Rate 

The 78-VL Valucraft battery’s usual size plus core is $121.99. But you can also get the battery for $99.99.

Alternatives To Valucraft Batteries

The low prices of Valucraft batteries make it hard to compare them with any other battery. However, there are other battery brands you can check out if your budget is not an issue.

Here are some of those brands:

1. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional Automotive Battery

ACDelco 94RAGM Professional Automotive Battery

The professional AGM Battery (94RAGM) is a maintenance-free battery with high cycling ability and a 100% leak-proof Glass Mat design. This helps reduce water loss and ensures the battery’s maintenance-free performance. This battery comes highly recommended and contains exceptional features, and here are a few:

  • Superior CCA of 850 amps for starting power.
  • Materials such as silver calcium stamped alloy are used, which increases the battery’s lifecycle.
  • Pressure is tested to 100% to prevent leakage and add more strength in the future.
  • It has a higher reserve capacity of 140 minutes.

2. Optima Batteries Red Top 35

Optima Batteries Red Top 35

The Optima redtop 35 battery is designed to provide a high-power 5-seconds surge of ignition energy for starting your car. I highly recommend this battery for you as an alternative to Valucraft because of its extraordinary features, which include:

  • Higher CCA of 730 amps compared to Valucraft 
  • A much longer lifespan (3 times the average battery lifespan)
  • Private warrant of up to 36 months
  • Faster recharging

3. DieHard Advanced Gold Battery

DieHard Advanced Gold Battery

The DieHard advanced Gold battery is a long-lasting battery suitable for your vehicle. It features AGM tech, designed to provide a longer lifespan and supply more power. If you wish to buy a battery that will last longer and give your car enough power to start and keep riding, this battery is your best bet. Here are some of its amazing features:

  • The DieHard battery is constructed with a leak-proof design that protects your engine compartment.
  • It also has a 2-time cycle life
  • It is 20 times more resilient to vibration, protecting the battery performance.
  • It also features a 36-month replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

Signs Of Faulty Batteries You Shouldn’t Ignore

The world of electronics today has made it simple to identify the warning signs of a bad battery. These warning indicators shouldn’t be disregarded because they may be harmful. It would be best if you did not dismiss the following indications of defective batteries:

  • Faulty headlight, taillight, radio, and dashboard light
  • Leaking fluid and visible deterioration
  • Sluggish movement of the car driving up a hill
  • Expiration of lifespan
  • Hard time starting your engine
  • A foul, metallic smell emanating from the car hood

You can moreover consult an expert to perform a test on the battery to know the issues.

Pro Auto Thought: We can add another alternative to the list above: Napa. Know more information about this battery by going here — Who Makes Napa Batteries.

Watch This!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Valucraft Batteries any good?

Yes, Valucraft batteries are good. They have very affordable and attractive prices and still provide the same quality of service you expect from a good battery. Valucraft batteries have excellent CCA scores and capacity, which gives you more than your money’s worth.

How Long are Valucraft Batteries Supposed to last?

A good Valucraft automobile battery lifespan ranges from 3 to 5 years. Other expensive batteries last longer because of the costly materials they were built with. However, if your budget limits your choice, and you still want a quality battery with a reasonable lifespan, then Valucraft batteries are your best bet.

Where can I buy Valucraft Batteries?

Suppose you’re interested in getting a Valucraft battery because you feel it resonates with your immediate want and budget. In that case, you can purchase Valucraft batteries at retail stores, local battery stores, and automobile shops nearby.

What are the Best Valucraft Batteries to buy?

There are four Valucraft battery models I will recommend to you. These battery models are the most used batteries and are currently on the market. They include:

  • 35-VL Group Size 35 520 CCA Battery
  • 78-VL Group size 78 630 CCA Battery
  • 65-VL Group Size 65 650 CCA Battery
  • 34DT-VL Group Size 34 690 CCA Battery


Batteries are an essential component of an automobile. Thus, choosing the perfect battery can significantly impact your experience using your car. Even when your budget limits your options, the good news is that you can still find reasonably priced and functional brands. 

Such a brand is the Valucraft battery, which is your finest option when it comes to inexpensive car batteries. It performs well and is handy. Additionally, These batteries are outfitted with high CCA. You won’t need to worry about your car’s engine not starting in severely cold weather.

Investing in Valucraft batteries is a wise choice! What do you think? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below.

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