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Hertz Speakers Review: How Much Do They Fare In Sound Terms?

Last Updated on: June 9, 2024

Hertz is a well-known brand throughout the car speakers market and is an excellent choice for audiophiles. The brand manufactures various aftermarket car audio systems that provide dynamic and clear sound. 

While Hertz audio is a recent brand compared to heavyweights such as Kenwood, Pioneer, and Alpine, it sets itself apart as one of the best car audio systems for purists due to its exceptional audio quality. 

This Hertz speakers review highlights the aspects that make these speakers different and why you should consider Hertz speakers for your car. 

Hertz – The Sound Experience 

Hertz is a division of Elettromedia, an Italian manufacturer of audio equipment. The brand came into being in 1998 to augment the amplifiers product line with high-performance loudspeakers.

The Hertz Mille Legend ML-3000 Subwoofer won the 2007 Innovations Award, and the Hertz Mille Legend ML-2500 Subwoofer got the 2007-2008 EISA Award at this time.  

Hertz produces a full range of car audio systems, including speakers, subs, amps, and processors. Our speakers’ reviews include the popular Mille Pro and Legend models, Uno, Dieci, Energy, Hi-Energy, and the Hertz Cento line. 

Unlike other popular brands such as JBL and Focal, the Hertz sound system offers better performance, affordability, and excellent sound quality for purists. 

Hertz Car Speakers Product Overview

Hertz styles itself as a brand engineered for purists with quality audio system technology. The sound system design aims to achieve maximum timbre consistency with a dynamic sound and extended frequency response. 

Their subwoofers claim an extremely dynamic sound range with high power handling to deliver exceptional bass performance with a “realistic” live performance sound experience. 

Hertz audio also offers various product lines of car speakers that range in price and performance ability. The entry-level product lines include UNO and Dieci. 

The SPL range offers compact speaker systems for drivers who love loud music.

The Mille range has two product lines, the Mille Pro Series and Mille Legend Series. The Cento range, created in 2018, builds on the highly successful Mille line. Other product lines highlighted in this Hertz Speakers review include the Hi-Energy and Energy lines. 

Hertz Car Speakers Reviews

Hertz Hi-Energy Range

The Hertz Hi-Energy range begins our Hertz speaker reviews. This line launched Hertz into the car audio marketplace in 1998, and the brand set itself apart with high-sensitivity speakers with exceptional power handling and lots of energy. 

In 2003, the Hi-Energy line released the HX series of subwoofers which are the best in class for price over quality. While it is the first product line from this brand, Hi-Energy reflects remarkable technological innovations and quality in its range of speakers.  

Design Features

  • Tetolon domes that enhance the frequency response of the speakers
  • Neodymium magnets pack massive magnetic energy, making the drivers powerful
  • Die-cast aluminum speaker baskets that improve audio quality
  • Radial venting systems for heat dissipation

Hertz MILLE Range

The Mille product line is the crown jewel of Hertz audio, and the car speakers are an excellent choice for audiophiles. The component system features various drivers characterized by high fidelity sound reproduction and V-shaped cones with an exponential profile for linearity and dispersion.

The Mille line features the Mille LEGEND series and Mille PRO series. One of the defining attributes that differentiate the Legend from the Pro series is shape. Mille PRO subwoofers feature a shallow profile designed for compact sealed boxes, while the speakers offer an exceptional sound stage and power handling capability. 

The award-winning Mille subwoofers offer innovative design technologies to deliver live performance sound quality in the car environment. 

While the subs have a compact profile for easy installation, design features like the 4-inch voice coil ensure better voice stability and heat dissipation in tight spaces.

Another unique feature highlighting our Hertz speakers reviews is dynamic compression. It is a phenomenon where all the sound from the receiver is of a similar volume, allowing for a more extended frequency range to hear all the instruments. 

The V-cone geometry is another innovation that stands out. It reduces sound distortion while achieving timbre balance.  

The Mille PRO Shallow subwoofers are ideal for fitting in tight spaces where height is limited. The MPS models are outstanding for providing an unmatched depth over performance ratio compared to traditional subs. 

They also offer a high RMS power handling that is exceptional for such compact drivers. The subs are available in 10 and 12-inch sizes and four or 2-Ohm voice coils. 

Design Features

  • 100mm Copper Clad Aluminum Wire voice coils with unmatched heat dissipation capability
  • Dynamic compression enables a broad dynamic range for live performance experience
  • Shallow design profile to fit subwoofers in limited spaces
  • V-Cone design helps to achieve timbre consistency

Watch This!

Hertz Speakers Energy Range

The year 2007 ushers in the new Energy speaker line showcasing the technological advancements that the brand has made in its car audio speakers. The outstanding feature in this category is the Rotary High-Frequency Contour (RHFC). 

It is a feature that angles the tweeter group towards the listener to control sound dispersion and improve frequency response.

These Hertz speakers have a flatter, more symmetrical profile for easy installation. The coaxials have a broad frequency range, thus eliminating the need to install a component system. 

Other features include a Neodymium permanent tweeter magnet, built-in crossovers, and water-repellant pressed paper cones.

Design Features

  • RHFC system adjusts the tweeter group towards the listening point
  • Klippel quality control system ensures the speaker meets international standards
  • Water-repellant paper cones with deep ribbing help to enhance sound linearity 
  • Pure copper voice coil on aluminum former for excellent thermal capacity 

Hertz UNO Car Audio Speakers

Hertz UNO is an entry-level series from the Hertz brand and offers coaxial speakers. The product line also includes component systems like the 5mm K130 component system. 

K130 Car Speakers


These Hertz speakers are suitable for people who want a budget upgrade for their OEM speaker system. The tweeters use a Neodymium permanent magnet, while the woofers feature a ferrite magnet. 

The UNO series includes 4-Ohm coaxial speakers that integrate seamlessly with factory-installed setups. The two-way coaxial speaker system features an innovative faceplate design that optimizes off-axis performance. 

The water-repellent paper cone with a foam surround provides a high sound pressure level and exceptional bass response for high-quality audio with OEM car stereos.

The UNO component systems also feature pressed paper cones with water-repellant treatment and foam surround. The woofers feature a 25mm voice coil with dynamic power handling for powerful undistorted sound. 

Another outstanding feature is the V-Cone design that helps the speakers deliver clear mid to high-frequency audio and powerful bass.

Design Features

  • V-shaped cones with foam surround combine high sensitivity with excellent bass response
  • Neodymium and ferrite permanent magnets offer dynamic power handling for accurate sound
  • Ideal for easy OEM upgrades and integration with factory-installed stereos
  • The annular acoustic lens helps to deliver exceptional off-axis performance

Hertz Cento Range

The Hertz Cento series is a recent addition to the car audio product line, built for young car owners wanting to upgrade their car audio speakers. The series offers a mix of coaxial and component speakers, plus accessories such as grilles and amplifiers.

The Cento speakers achieve unmatched audio performance for car speakers in this price range, adding value to existing OEM placement. 

The speakers in this range are optimized to integrate with factory-installed stereos with built-in 6 dB crossovers in the tweeters, shallow profile woofers, and exceptional power handling. 

Additionally, the speakers feature design technologies like the Finite Element Method geometry to maximize performance within the OEM setup, and Semi-Pressed Paper Mica cones that balance lightness and damping.    

Design Features

  • FEM geometry optimization for linear frequency response in OEM placements
  • Semi Pressed paper cones with Mica powder for stiffness and smooth response
  • Built-in 6dB crossovers in the tweeters
  • Permanent magnets reduce distortion at high volumes

Hertz Dieci Car Audio Range

Dieci is the first entry-level product line for Hertz, introduced in 2004. The range features components and coaxial speakers and subwoofers for car drivers on a budget.

 Some of the distinct features available in the Dieci line of speakers include a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) surround and a copper voice coil wound on a conex former. 

While there are differences in construction, the speakers still deliver the same high-quality dynamic sound as the more expensive models. 

The design structure of the tweeters offers high efficiency and extended frequency response unmatched in this category. The two- and three-way coaxial speakers feature a stiff, lightweight cone that ensures linear frequency response and high sensitivity.  

Design Features 

  • The annular acoustic lens with a PEI membrane provides a detailed linear sound 
  • V-cone profile in the subs provides exceptional sound dispersion
  • Accessories enable surface or flush mounting options for tweeters 

Hertz SPL Systems

The Hertz speaker SPL range has been around for a while, continuously improving on the form and sound technologies. The new SPL models are extremely loud and are a great option for drivers who enjoy pumping out loud music in their cars. 

The SPL NEO series drivers feature a Neodymium N38H speaker magnet with excellent audio performance and power handling for its compact size. It is also FEM (Finite Element Method) optimized for linearity and comes with a Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon voice coil for unmatched thermal and mechanical capability. 

Another attractive feature is the waterproofing and anti-UV treatments on the body for outdoor use. The subs feature a multilayered foam surround that ensures a high excursion necessary for producing deep bass at a high volume. 

It also has an oversized ferrite magnet for maximum control and a dual voice coil configuration.  

Design Features

  • Waterproofing and anti-UV treatment on the body for outdoor use
  • Fitted with heavy-duty magnets provide excellent power handling capabilities
  • Optimized FEM geometry to enable linear sound dispersion  

Hertz Car Speakers Pros and Cons 


  • Compact and lightweight designs for easy installation
  • Exceptional audio quality at high volume
  • The brand offers a variety of models for your needs
  • Excellent thermal capacity and power handling


  • Some of the models don’t have a shallow mounting depth
  • Some coaxial and midrange drivers have low-frequency distortion  
  • Some coaxial drivers do not produce the midrange frequencies

 Hertz Car Audio Speakers Alternatives

Hertz vs JBL

JBL is one of the older brands in the electronics market, founded in 1946. Hertz is a considerably new brand that offers a wide selection of car speakers. 

We can compare the specs of two coaxial car speakers like the Hertz DCX 165.3 vs the JBL STADIUM 62F. The Hertz DCX 165.3 is from the Dieci car speaker line and features a 4-Ohm impedance rating and a 60 watts RMS power rating. 

Hertz DCX 165.3


The Hertz DCX 165.3 speaker is ideal for people who want an easy upgrade of their OEM speaker system.

The JBL STADIUM 62F driver features a 3-Ohms impedance rating and 85 RMS Watts. It is also a flexible system, upgradable to a 3-way with a midrange driver to improve frequency response. 

JBL Stadium 62F


Additionally, the JBL costs more than the Hertz speaker and has a broad frequency response range to enhance the audio experience. It is suitable for people looking for tonal balance in their audio system. 

Hertz vs Focal Component system

Focal is a French brand founded in 1979 and is one of the best loudspeaker producers available today. However, when comparing the price over performance, the Hertz speakers are better than the Focal. 

The Focal K2P range is comparable to the Hertz MILLE line in sound quality, construction, and variety. 

The MILLE speakers deliver better power handling and dynamic sound when installed in similar conditions. They produce a more detailed sound in the midrange and deeper bass. On the other hand, the Hertz speaker system costs more and would not be a good option if budget is a concern.

Pro Auto Thought: Having a good pair of speakers with midrange support is one way of improving your audio experience. Read our post on our choice of midrange speakers — Best 8 Inch Midrange Speakers.


While most of us aim for quality sound in our cars, we also need to balance the budget and performance of the sound system. Hopefully, these speakers’ reviews will help you make the best choice for your car.

Hertz offers various models for different needs, and it is one of the brands that deliver exceptional performance for the price.

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