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Everstart vs Duralast: Which Battery Is More Preferred

Last Updated on: July 10, 2024

Duralast and EverStart are some of the battery brands that Clarios LLC manufactures, meaning they come with similar features. They also have various categories of automotive batteries in their product lines with battery types and sizes for different applications.

But, if they are so similar…

Why the difference in cost between the two brands? While most batteries at Walmart are generally cheaper than the auto parts stores, these car models vary in battery construction, which makes all the difference.

Let’s compare the Duralast vs EverStart batteries below.

Main Differences Between EverStart vs Duralast Batteries

The main differences between EverStart and Duralast models are:

  • EverStart costs less, whereas the Duralast models are superior in quality.
  • EverStart automotive models come in two varieties, whereas the Duralast brand features three chemistry types. 
  • EverStart offers 1-5 year warranties on their batteries, whereas Duralast offers two and three-year warranties.

EverStart Car Batteries

EverStart Car Batteries

EverStart is a well-known battery brand exclusively distributed by Walmart. It is one of the brands produced by Clarios LLC, formerly Johnson Control. This manufacturer also makes the Duralast, DieHard, and Optima brands.

EverStart models have a lower price tag, feature lower specs than Duralast, and offer free replacement warranties of one to five years.

On the upside, it is one of the most affordable, good quality, and readily available brands in the North American car battery market.

It offers a variety of models sold in four categories; Value, Plus, EverStart Maxx, and Platinum AGM series. These models are lead-acid wet cell and AGM batteries that deliver good performance in extreme temperatures.

The EverStart units feature N and S letter markings to denote units for cold-weather zones in the North and South for warm-weather models.

Is Duralast a Good Brand Battery?


Duralast is a good battery brand sold exclusively by Autozone. It was one of the original brands manufactured by Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls later sold off its battery manufacturing division, which became a subsidiary called Clarios LLC of a different company. Duralast is a superior brand to EverStart and offers four battery categories.

They include Duralast, Gold, Platinum EFB, and Platinum AGM batteries. The Platinum AGM is the premium series and provides both starting and deep cycle models for automotive applications.

Duralast and Gold models are conventional SLI batteries and are the most affordable models of this brand.

The Platinum EFB series features Enhanced Flooded Batteries offering better structural and performance advantages with little maintenance than the traditional wet cell battery.

EverStart Plus vs Duralast Gold Batteries

Duralast Gold Batteries
Duralast Gold Batteries

These two batteries are affordable and reliable products for cars with moderate electrical accessories. The batteries fall under the conventional lead-acid SLI category featuring wet cell technology with a sulfuric acid electrolyte.

Let’s compare the efficiency of the EverStart Plus Group 65 12V car battery with the Duralast Gold Group 65 12V model.

The EverStart car battery dimensions are 11.85 x 7.30 x 7.40 inches and weigh 47.4lbs, while the Gold battery weighs slightly less at 46.43lbs and measures 12.06 x 7.56 x 7.5.

Group 65 models are sizable, making them ideal for large passenger vehicles with heavy electronic loads, small trucks, commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment.

The two batteries have a $100 price difference, with the EverStart model costing less than the Duralast.

On the other hand, Duralast offers a 3-year warranty against a 2-year warranty by EverStart. Duralast Gold series provides wet cell starting batteries designed to meet or exceed your car’s old battery.

They feature impact-resistant construction to minimize vibration and have the best-in-class vent caps to enable safe operation. The Group 65 battery features a cold cranking amperage of 850 CCA and a reserve capacity of 120 minutes.

The battery also features a specially designed paste formula to enhance performance in extreme conditions.

EverStart car batteries are compatible with various vehicle makes and models, and Walmart offers free battery testing and installation. The Group 65 units provide reliable starting power at 750 cold-cranking amps and feature top posts for easy installation.

While the owner’s manual does not list the reserve capacity values, Group size 65 models are typically between 120 -150 minutes, depending on the brand.

EverStart Maxx vs Duralast Platinum EFB Series

EverStart Maxx
Duralast Platinum EFB Series

EverStart Maxx series offers a range of affordable automotive batteries that compare favorably with more superior brands. It is a mid-range series, like the Duralast Platinum EFB, but it costs about $100 less at Walmart.

The Maxx series features wet cell and AGM technologies for starting and dual-purpose applications. Models like Group 51 are ideal for cars, leisure vehicles like RVs, and marine applications.

The Maxx series comes with a 3-year and 5-year warranty period, depending on the type, while the Platinum EFB models come with a 3-year free replacement warranty.

The Duralast Platinum EFB is an Enhanced Flooded Battery that delivers 1.5x more cycling ability than conventional wet cell models. EFBs are generally superior versions of traditional models that take longer to reach a complete drain.

They feature additives like carbon to improve recharge time and power output for vehicles with heavy demands and increase service life.

Both Group 51 models feature a cold cranking amperage of 500 CCA. The EverStart battery is a traditional lead-acid starting model measuring 9.30 x 5.05 x 8.85 inches and weighing 27.9lbs.

In comparison, the Platinum EFB model is a dual-purpose battery that measures 9.37 x 5.06 x 8.75 inches and weighs more at 32.79lbs. It features a C20 battery capacity of 50Ah and a reserve capacity of 80 minutes.

Generally, Group Size 51 models are some of the most popular and easy-to-install starting and dual-purpose batteries for automotive applications. They are also ideal for general-purpose use where stable power is needed to operate the equipment.

EverStart Platinum AGM vs Duralast Platinum AGM Series

EverStart Platinum AGM
Duralast Platinum AGM Series

The EverStart and Duralast Platinum AGM units are ideal for cars, commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment applications. The EverStart car batteries offer a 3-year free replacement plus a 2-year prorated warranty.

The Platinum range is the best in the EverStart battery review and offers several advantages over the Plus and Maxx series due to its AGM technology.

The Duralast Platinum AGM is also the best category in this brand’s car battery product offering. It features AGM batteries with up to twice the cycle life of traditional wet cell units and superior cold-cranking power for extreme weather.

The Duralast H8 Group 49 battery is slightly bigger than the Group H8 EverStart Platinum battery, although they have the same high CCA value of 900. All the models are ideal for vehicles with heavy power demands and start/stop technology.

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To conclude, while the Duralast and EverStart car batteries are similar in some aspects, they are significantly different in construction and price. The EverStart batteries are affordable and ideal for moderate-duty applications, and the Platinum AGM series compares favorably with the superior Duralast AGM model.

On the other hand, if your new battery has proper power output for cold weather and handles high power demands from onboard electronic accessories, Duralast is a better option. Whatever your choice, both brands feature high-quality construction backed by an excellent free replacement warranty period.

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