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Best Flip Out Car Stereo: Top 8 Choices For The Audio Nerds

Last Updated on: May 10, 2024

Classic car radios are nostalgic, giving your auto’s interior a vintage appeal. Nonetheless, they also lack modern features, such as on-screen navigation. 

Now is the time to… 

Take your radio to the next level! The best flip-out car stereo is a great add-on. Its best feature is the digital screen, which will redefine the way you drive.

With too many choices for flip-out head units, deciding what to buy can be a struggle. If you need help, read on and we’ll walk you through some of the top products that should be on your radar. 

In a hurry? Of all the flip-out head units on this list, Boss Audio Systems BV9976DB stands out the most. 

Our Top Picks For The Best Flip Out Car Stereo

1. Boss Audio Systems BV9976DB Flip Out Car Stereo – Best Overall 

BOSS Audio Systems BV9976B Car DVD Player - Single Din, Bluetooth Audio and Calling, Built-in Microphone, CD-USB-SD-Aux-in-AM FM Radio Receiver, 7 Inch Digital LCD Display, Multi-color Illumination

Made by a trusted brand, the Boss Audio Systems BV9976DB is our favorite flip out head unit on this list. 

Looking at its features, one thing that stands out is its multimedia capabilities. For instance, it has Bluetooth connectivity. This way, you can enjoy hands-free calls, which is also a must-have for a safer driving experience. 

More so, you can utilize its Bluetooth connection for media playback. It allows users to stream wireless content from compatible devices, such as a smartphone. 

Alternatively, you can use the USB port for wired connections. Plus, it doubles as a charging port, so you won’t have to run out of juice on your gadgets.

The multi-color illumination of this head unit is impressive. You can choose from 16 million colors, providing the option to customize the display. 

Aside from the touchscreen, you can also control it through a remote. It is convenient to change the different functions. 

For the best in-car music, it comes with a built-in DVD player. Even better, it has electronic skip protection (ESP). The latter stores five seconds of music for uninterrupted playback. It also has ID3 Tag, providing the information you need to know about the track that is playing. 

We also love how it redefines audio streaming by providing a built-in equalizer. Enjoy the freedom to adjust various settings for the optimal output depending on the genre of music. 

Nonetheless, while it has tons of great features, it also has several drawbacks. For instance, many did not like how the user interface can be confusing. To add, the volume can also go up and down even without you adjusting its level. 


  • Exceptional multimedia capabilities 
  • High-quality screen with options for color customization 
  • Can be controlled through the touchscreen display or a remote 
  • Personalize audio with a built-in equalizer 


  • Prone to volume fluctuations 
  • Bad user interface 


From its multi-color illumination to the built-in equalizer, the Boss Audio Systems BV9976DB flip out head unit stands out. 


2. Pyle PLTS78DUB Flip Out Car Radio – Best Display 

Pyle Single DIN Head Unit Receiver - In-Dash Car Stereo with 7” Multi-Color Touchscreen Display - Audio Video System with Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming & Hands-free Calling - PLTS78DUB, BLACK

While affordable, the Pyle PLTS78DUB Flip Out Stereo is a high-quality product. From its display to connectivity, there is a long list of reasons why this model is included on our list. 

The flip out head unit comes with a seven-inch multicolor display with touchscreen functionality. From navigation to entertainment, it shows bright videos, whether it is day or night. The screen is also responsive, which makes it effortless to control. 

Its interface is not only bright but also user-friendly. It has large buttons, so you can easily see whatever you are looking for. 

Like many of the flip out car stereos on this list, it also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can enjoy wireless music streaming and hands-free calling. The screen also doubles as a digital keypad, so you can easily call someone even without access to your phone. 

With steering wheel controls, you have more freedom for changing the settings. This is useful when you are driving, eliminating the need to touch the buttons in the head unit. 

We also love how you can play the music that is customized to your liking. The flip out stereo has various audio settings. You can adjust the fade and balance, as well as the subwoofer frequency and loudness. 

The backup camera input is another good reason to choose this radio with a flip out screen. It supports both the rear camera and parking video inputs. 


  • Good high-definition display 
  • Responsive touchscreen with large icons 
  • Has many adjustments for a personalized experience 


  • Durability can be an issue 


Overall, the Pyle PLTS78DUB Flip Out Radio is impeccable because of its bright display, customizable audio settings, Bluetooth connectivity, and steering wheel control. 


3. Power Acoustik PTID-8920B Flip Out Car Stereo – Best Subwoofer Output 

Power Acoustik PTID-8920B In-Dash DVD AM/FM Receiver with 7-Inch Flip-Out Touchscreen Monitor and USB/SD Input

Looking for a way to maximize the functionality of the subwoofer in your car? The Power Acoustik PTID-8920B flip screen car stereo is a notable option. 

You can power a subwoofer amp through the 80 Hz low-pass crossover output. It has three sets of two-volt preamp outputs, including for rear speaker, front speaker, and subwoofer. 

Regardless of the country where you are from, the DVD player of this flip-up car stereo is commendable. It accepts playback from any region. Plus, it has a recall position, so it remembers the last position of the DVD. 

This single DIN head unit has Bluetooth 2.0, which will let you make hands-free calls. You can also stream through your contact list without touching your phone. Plus, you can use this feature if you want to stream music wirelessly. 

Another good feature of this car radio is the rear view camera input. This will give you a better vision of what’s at the back of your car, including those that the mirror cannot see. 

It has a simple LED-backlit monitor, which is not as bright and high-end as the others on this list. Even so, it has a decent screen resolution and offers full touchscreen control. 

For adjustments, the three-band parametric equalizer is handy. It is a simple feature that will let you personalize the settings to improve audio output to suit personal preferences. 


  • Powerful subwoofer output 
  • Touchscreen interface is easy to navigate 
  • Plays DVDs from any country 


  • No option to adjust screen brightness 


You will love the Power Acoustik PTID-8920B flip out head unit because of its subwoofer output, easy-to-navigate touchscreen display, and Bluetooth compatibility. 


4. Pioneer AVH-3500NEX Flip Out Car Stereo – Best Premium Stereo 

Pioneer AVH-3500NEX Flip Out Car Stereo

Looking at the price of Pioneer AVH-3500NEX Flip Out Radio can easily discourage people. Nonetheless, with its state-of-the-art features, the cost is justifiable. 

With its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, you can unlock more features out of this flip out head unit. Whether with your iPhone or Android device, this radio delivers a plethora of functions, including listening to music, making phone calls, and using voice commands. It even works with Alexa. 

The interface of this flip single DIN head unit is also worth highlighting. It is powerful, intuitive, and responsive, so you won’t have a problem controlling its different features. You can customize the side-by-side layouts. Plus, it includes a remote control. 

It has a seven-inch flip screen with five display colors and 122 color options. Whether it is day or night, you can easily view the display. 

With this flip out unit, users can enjoy a wide array of features to customize the audio output. Aside from the built-in auto equalizer, it has a 13-band graphic equalizer. By simply swiping the touchscreen, you can change various settings. 

Plus, it has a built-in high and low-pass crossover with customizable points and slopes. This will give you full control of the in-car music listening experience. 

Are you having a hard time figuring out the right settings for optimal sound quality? You do not have to be left guessing. This car stereo has an automatic equalizer, making it intelligent enough to input the right settings. 


  • Works with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Alexa 
  • Comes with an intuitive and responsive interface 
  • Easily customize audio settings in the touchscreen display 


  • Not for people on a budget 


While it is expensive, the Pioneer AVH-3500NEX Flip Out Radio is worth every dollar because of its impressive and intuitive touchscreen display, audio customizations, and smartphone compatibility. 


5. Pyle PLT85BTCM Flip Out Car Stereo – Best Bang For The Buck 

Pyle PLT85BTCM Flip Out Car Stereo

The Pyle PLT85BTCM is another top-rated product that should be on your radar. It is not only affordable, but it is also inclusive of a backup camera. 

Like most expensive flip out car stereos, it comes with a high-resolution display. The seven-inch TFT screen is bright enough to be visible whether it is day or night. Even better, it has an intuitive interface, making it effortless to operate. A remote control is also included. 

This head unit will promote a safe and convenient driving experience. For instance, if someone is calling, no need to grab your phone. It supports hands-free calling, so you can keep your hands on the steering wheel. Its display doubles as a digital dial pad, so you do not need your phone to input the details of the person you are calling. 

Even if it is economical, this product is versatile. You can enjoy multimedia playback. It has MicroSD support and USB input. 

The head unit package is inclusive of a rear-view camera and the necessary cables for easy wiring. It has marine-grade construction, which ensures its durability. Plus, the camera is tilt-adjustable, so you can customize its angle. 

With tilt adjustment, the motorized display telescopes out and up. You can customize its position depending on the optimal viewing angle. 

The AM/FM radio is also great, especially because of the 30-station preset. With its memory, you can save your favorites, which will eliminate manual tuning. 


  • Includes backup camera 
  • Comes with a high-resolution display 
  • Supports multimedia playback 


  • Potential problems with the fit of the wire harness


The Pyle PLT85BTCM is affordable without compromising its features and performance. Aside from being inclusive of a backup camera, it is also well-loved for its high-resolution display and intuitive operation. 


6. EinCar Android Radio 7-inch Flip Out Car Stereo – Best For Android Users  

EinCar Android Radio 7 inch Single Din Car Stereo Bluetooth 1Din Capacitive Touchscreen Car DVD CD Player GPS Navigation with Detachable Panel AM/FM RDS Receiver Support USB SD Rear Camera Input

The brand name may not ring a bell, but the EinCar Android Radio 7-inch Flip Out head unit is one of the top products that should be on your radar. 

One of the reasons to choose this product is its support for Android phones. It supports the latest Android operating system, allowing you to use your phone to unlock a plethora of features. Aside from Android Auto, however, it also supports Apple CarPlay for iPhone users. 

There are plenty of ways by which you can use your phone. For instance, you can take advantage of Mirror Link, which will allow you to use the screen to mirror whatever is shown on your phone. 

Meanwhile, with support for steering wheel controls, it is easy to operate the radio. You can keep your eye on the road as you no longer need to access the physical buttons in the head unit to skip a song, adjust volume, or do other things.

It also has backup camera input, which will make driving easier and safer. It is like having another set of eyes at the back of your car. 

The head unit is also notable because of its GPS navigation support, which you can enjoy whether you are online or offline. This is handy in helping you reach your destination faster by providing clear directions. 

If there is one problem, however, it would be the screen of the flip out head unit can be difficult to tilt. At times, you will need to exert more effort to adjust the angle. 


  • Excellent Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support 
  • Has Mirror Link to replicate display on your phone 
  • Comes with a built-in GPS navigation system 


  • Tilting the screen can be difficult at times 


Designed for Android users, although also compatible with iPhones, the EinCar Android Radio 7-Inch Car Stereo has a user-friendly design, GPS navigation, and Mirror Link. 


7. UNITOPSCI 7-inch Single Din Flip Out Car Stereo – Best For First-Time Users 

UNITOPSCI Single Din Car Stereo with CarPlay Android Auto 7 Inch Flip Out Touch Screen In Dash GPS Navigation Bluetooth Hands-free FM USB SD MP5 AUX Car Multimedia Radio Mirror Link with Backup Camera

Are you buying and using a flip out head unit for the first time? If yes, then UNITOPSCI 7-inch Single Din Car Stereo is a good candidate. 

As many of the car stereos on this list, this model features a seven-inch display. The retractable high-definition stereo screen has a space-saving design. 

More so, it has built-in Apple CarPlay, so you can connect your iPhone. It also has Android Auto, but you will need to download it to a mobile phone and connect it to the head unit using a USB cable. You can use your phone as a wireless remote control. 

Your purchase is inclusive of an AHD backup camera with light for clear recordings even at night. Reversing is more convenient with this feature. The back up camera input makes it effortless to establish the necessary connection. 

There are multiple ways by which you can program or adjust the head unit without the need to physically touch the radio’s buttons. It has voice and steering wheel controls. 

Lastly, this car stereo has multi-playback. It has a USB 2.0 interface. It also has built-in Bluetooth, so you can stream content wirelessly from a connected device. Plus, it has a TF card slot. 


  • Comes with an intuitive high-definition touchscreen display 
  • The package is inclusive of a backup camera 
  • Easy adjustments through voice or steering wheel control 


  • Installation can be a headache 


Buying the UNITOPSCI 7-inch Single Din Head unit offers good value for money because it includes a backup camera. Plus, it has exceptional features, including built-in Apple CarPlay, Android Auto support, and steering wheel control. 


8. Power Acoustik PD-720B Flip Out Car Stereo – Best For USB Charging 

Power Acoustik PD-720B Flip Out Car Stereo

With the Power Acoustik PD-720B head unit, you will enjoy USB fast charging. Juice up your gadgets and make sure you have a battery on the road! It can charge from zero to 50% in only half an hour. 

Whether you have DVD, CD, MP3, WMA, XVID/DIVX files, you will love how this car stereo offers the necessary support. It also has a 3.55mm audio jack and USB port. Plus, it comes with rearview camera input, which will allow you to reverse easily. 

The multi-color illuminated display is also a highlight of this product. Even when you are driving on a sunny day, there is no glare, so you can view turn-by-turn directions or whatever is being played on the screen. 

Need to change the volume? Want to skip a song? You can do so using wireless remote control. 

This car stereo also features Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless music streaming. 

Plus, it has a built-in microphone, so your voice will be loud and clear when you are talking to another person. 

If you want to customize audio to suit your listening preferences or the music genre, it has a built-in equalizer. It has programs for different music modes, ensuring the best sound quality. 


  • Plays different types of audio and video files 
  • Has a bright display even on a sunny day 
  • Comes with a built-in equalizer for sound customization 


  • Interface can be confusing 


With the Power Acoustik PD-720B, you can play audio the way you want it as it has a built-in equalizer. It also features fast charging, an illuminated display, and wireless calling. 


The Benefits of Flip Out Car Stereos 

Are you not yet convinced that flip out head units are best for your car? Here are some of the benefits that might make you change your mind. 

They Are Space-Efficient 

If there is only one reason to choose a car stereo with a flip out screen, it would be its space efficiency. It is perfect for small cars or compact dashboards. The motorized screen can stay hidden while it is not used and will flip only once you need it. 

They Are Theft-Deterrent 

When the screen retracts no one will even know that your car stereo has a display. It will look like one of those old and cheap radios, and hence, it can act as a theft deterrent. Thieves will less likely notice your stereo. 

They Are Multifunctional 

This is one thing that will depend on the specific product that you will choose. Most will offer versatile functionalities. More than being a car stereo, it can also offer GPS navigation. More so, many will allow hands-free calling and in-screen dialing, eliminating the need to use your phone on the road. Most will also have a rear-view camera input. 

Essential Considerations When Choosing Flip Out Car Stereos 

The options are overwhelming, but this does not mean that they are all the same. To help you narrow down the possibilities, below are the most important considerations. 


They will have a motorized screen that opens and closes at a push of a button. Even so, it does not mean that all screens are created equal. Among others, one of the first things to look at is its size. The preferred size is seven inches. 

Aside from the size, the resolution is also crucial. An HD screen is common in high-end products. This is good as it guarantees clarity even in challenging conditions, such as in poorly lit environments or when it is too bright. 


Today’s car stereos are offering a wide range of connectivity options, so you can maximize their benefits. On the top of the list is Bluetooth pairing. This will allow you to enjoy hands-free calling for a safer and more convenient driving experience. 

USB connectivity is also common. It will even allow you to charge your phone, tablet, or any compatible device. Plus, using a USB cable can help establish a wired connection for direct music or video playback. 

Even cameras can be connected to the head unit of your flip out stereo. It can also connect a subwoofer, speaker, amplifiers, and other components of a stereo system. 

Speaking of connectivity, you can link the stereo to your phone through programs like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These will let you use features on your phone on the stereo, such as audio streaming and GPS navigation. 


You have multiple ways of controlling a car stereo. The most common would be through the physical buttons on its face. Alternatively, you can also use the touchscreen display, which is a more modern alternative. 

Some will come with a wired or wireless remote. This way, you do not need to touch any button on the physical head unit. Meanwhile, you will also find models with steering wheel control. They are safe and convenient since you can stay focused in driving while changing the settings of the stereo as you wish. 

Ease of Use 

When choosing flip out car stereos, consider how user-friendly the unit is. The installation must be a breeze. While you can pay a pro to do the job for you, it is possible to save money by making it a DIY task. The stereo should come with easy-to-follow instructions and everything else you will need for its assembly. 

More so, operating the car radio should also be a snap. It must come with an intuitive interface, so you can change the settings without complications. 

Sound Quality 

The flip out stereo will have a huge impact on overall sound quality, so make sure that it is second to none. One of the must-haves is an equalizer. This will allow you to do various adjustments, so you can customize the output to your liking. 

Build Quality 

A motorized screen can be easily prone to damage because it often moves. Find one with a solid construction, so you can be confident that it will withstand the test of time. Even with frequent opening and closing, it must remain tough. 


Flip out car stereos will have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your car, so choose one with a design that will match the interior. Most will be black, but the appearance will differ depending on the designs of the buttons and screen. While you should emphasize aesthetics, however, make sure that you are not compromising performance in any way. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is double DIN better than single? 

When it comes to power and performance, there is no significant difference between a single DIN and double DIN stereo. The same thing is true when it comes to their sound quality. The main difference is the size. 

They are both seven inches tall, but a single DIN is two inches tall and a double DIN is four inches. Take note that such refers to the height of the main unit and not including the flip out screen.

Does the aftermarket head unit improve audio quality? 

Yes, aftermarket head units improve audio quality. With a top-notch flip-out car stereo, you can enjoy a better listening experience even in your car. Even the tiniest details will be audible. Nonetheless, this is highly dependent on the quality of the stereo and the setup that you have. 

Watch This!

Improving car audio goes beyond your choice of car stereo. Watch this video and find out some of the best tricks. 

Final Verdict 

While there are tons of options for top-notch flip out head units, the Boss Audio Systems BV9976DB wins this review. It has multiple inputs, including Bluetooth and USB. The built-in equalizer is also a plus, allowing you to customize the output. Plus, it comes with a seven-inch screen where you can watch videos or see turn-by-turn navigation. 

Are there other flip out head units that you would like to recommend? We are all ears! Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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