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Best 4000 Watt Amp: 6 Cheap 4000 Watt Amps Worth Buying Now!

Last Updated on: May 9, 2024

A high-quality car audio system does not depend on a single component. Instead, it is the sum of multiple parts, working together to deliver a more immersive sound experience. 

Aside from the head unit and speakers, you will need one more thing – the best 4000 watt amp. 

With plenty of power, 4000W car amps will boost the power of audio signals to deliver beefier bass and louder sound even in noisy environments. 

Read on and find out some of my favorite 4000-watt car amps in the market. The Planet Audio AC4000.1D Car Amplifier wins this review.  

Best 4000 Watt Car Amp Reviews

1. Planet Audio AC4000.1D Car Amplifier – Best Overall

Planet Audio AC4000.1D Class D Car Amplifier - 4000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, Mosfet Power Supply

From rock to hip-hop, whatever your genre of music is, this 4000-Watt amp promises an immersive listening experience. It has plenty of power for demanding components, including large subwoofers. 

Even if it is economical, it packs some of the most advanced features on the market. It is a Class D amp with a compact design but with a better ability to generate higher power compared to its Class A-B counterparts. 

Looking at its features, one of the standouts is the switchable input sensitivity. 

You can control the input signal to the head unit to balance sound quality and power. 

The Planet Audio AC4000.1D Car Amplifier is also notable because of the variable low pass filter and a subsonic filter. They are effective in ensuring faithful reproduction of low and high frequencies for clearer audio output, even when in a challenging environment. 

To give you better options for customization, it is inclusive of a convenient remote that will let you adjust the subwoofer control. 

Not to mention, it has some of the most advanced safety features for your peace of mind. It has an automatic shut-off to prevent the unit from overheating and damaging the internal components. 


  • Can power a pair of ten-inch kicker subwoofers 
  • Affordable without compromising performance 
  • Not easily prone to overheating 
  • Comes with a remote subwoofer control 


  • Prone to resetting to protection mode at full volume 


From input sensitivity to bass control, this is one of the top cheap 4000 Watt amps that can deliver superb performance while being economical. 


2. Rockville dB14 Car Amplifier – Best For Ease Of Use

Rockville dB14 4000w Peak/1000w RMS Mono 2 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Amp

The brand name alone is already a compelling reason to choose this product. It stands out because of its user-friendly design. From the installation to the operation of the unit, you will love how it lacks complications. 

Aside from being easy to use, the Rockville dB14 Car Amplifier is incredible because of the many controls that will let you customize audio outputs. It has an adjustable bass equalizer, dashboard subwoofer control, and phase control switch. 

Speaking of the sound output, this model generates distortions of less than 1%. This is possible with the help of the peak limiter circuitry to make the audio crystal clear. 

One of the best parts that come with this car amplifier is the MOSFET power supply. 

It has high speed and high efficiency that guarantee superior performance. It processes digital signals with low power consumption. 

The status mode indicator is also worth highlighting. It has an LED that will let you easily know the status of the amp. 

If you have doubts about the quality and performance of this product, it helps to know that it has been through a series of thorough tests. 


  • The MOSFET power supply delivers high speed
  • Offers lots of easily customizable controls 
  • Has been through stringent testing to prove its quality 
  • Produces minimal distortions 


  • The included terminals and screws are flimsy 


Powerful and efficient, this best 4000 Watt amp for the price offers several options to customize the sound output and generates minimal distortions. 


3. Rockville RVA M3 Car Amp – Best For People On A Budget

Rockville RVA-M3 4000w Peak/1000w CEA RMS @ 1 Ohm Amplifier Mono Car Amp+Remote

Those who are searching for a cheap 4000 Watt amplifier will be happy with this product. While it is the cheapest of the products in this review, it does not mean that it is the most inferior. 

Among others, one of its most notable features is the metal bass remote.  The latter will let you customize the bass equalizer from 0 to 18 dB depending on the genre of music or the output that you want the unit to generate. 

To deliver impeccable sound quality, another good feature is the low pass filter. This will let you set the frequency at 32 to 300 Hz, making sure that everything is loud and clear. 

Overheating will not be a problem when you have this car amp. 

It has an aluminum heat sink for effective thermal management. The radiation cooling is also praise-worthy, which allows the volume to run at full volume for hours without worrying about high temperatures. 

Additionally, the Rockville RVA M3 Car Amp uses innovative technologies to protect against wear. The Class D circuitry will provide best-in-class reliability despite its affordability. 


  • Includes a metal bass remote 
  • Has radiation cooling that prevents overheating 
  • Top-notch circuitry to deliver power at a great price 


  • Can be prone to busted fuses


From effective thermal management to offering users various options to customize the audio output, this is another exceptional pick for the best 4000W amp. 


4. Hifonics BXX4000D Brutus Car Subwoofer Amplifier – Best Premium Car Amp

Some of you might immediately dismiss the idea of buying this product because of its price. Nonetheless, the cost is justifiable. From its construction to its performance, it is worth every dollar. 

Many amps with high power are prone to overheat, which will shorten their functional life. Luckily, this product has an aluminum heat sink. Its heavy-duty construction allows the latter to have effective thermal management. 

In addition, the Hifonics BXX4000D Brutus has a soft start, which is another feature that minimizes strain on the components to ensure longevity. It turns on the electronic power supply gradually to avoid a sudden increase in voltage or current. 

To make it even longer-lasting, the amp has three-way protection circuitry. This is effective in providing speaker short, overload, and thermal protection. 

It has many features that ensure an incredible quality for the best bang for the buck. For instance, it has less than .1% total harmonic distortion for clearer audio. Plus, the signal-to-noise ratio is less than 95 dB. The variable low pass and subsonic filters are also helpful in improving audio. 


  • The built-in equalizer gives you full control of the output 
  • High-quality heat sink to prevent overheating 
  • Soft start minimizes stress on the components 


  • Flimsy bass knob 


The cost of this option for the best 4000 watt car amp is justifiable because of its exceptional sound quality, effective heat management, and giving users multiple ways to control the output.


5. Boss Audio Systems OX4KD Car Amp – Best For Strapping

BOSS Audio OX4KD Class D Car Amplifier – 4000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, MOSFET Power Supply

If one amplifier is not enough for your car audio set-up, this amp is worth considering. It is designed to be strapping-capable, which means that you can connect two units to increase power. 

While it is powerful, the unit has a compact design. You can install it almost anywhere in your car because of its small size/weight ratio. 

To add, this monoblock amplifier has a variable bass boost. You can customize low bass within the boost range that the unit supports. 

It also has variable gain control. This will allow you to balance the output of this mono amplifier depending on what is compatible with your speaker or subwoofer. 

The switchable input sensitivity is also worth mentioning. It will let you control the input signal to match the requirements of the rest of the system. 

Lastly, the Boss Audio Systems OX4KD Car Amp comes with a six-year warranty, which is better than most of its competitors. To avoid the warranty from being void, consider professional installation. 


  • Allows connecting two amplifiers without harming performance 
  • Compact while delivering incredible power 
  • Comes with an industry-leading six-year warranty 


  • Prone to tripping under protection mode 


This Class D amplifier allows strapping to deliver better power, comes with a compact body, and offers a comprehensive warranty. 


6. Massive Audio E4 Car Amplifier – Best For Noise Reduction

Massive Audio E4 Car Amplifier

Wrapping up this 4000 Watt amp review is one product that effectively reduces noise to make audio more audible. Whether you are playing music at low or high volumes, this amp delivers exceptional clarity. 

The powerful and clean sound that this amp produces is a result of its many innovative features. 

One of my favorites is bass boost, which will allow setting the exact bass level to suit a specific requirement. 

Like many of the best 4000 watt car amplifiers on this list, it is also 1-ohm stable. This means that it can provide continuous power within the specified range without breaking down. 

Another feature I appreciate in this mono amp is the LED indicator. It turns green for power mode and red for protect mode. 

Speaking of protect mode, the Massive Audio E4 Car Amp is loaded with features that will ensure longevity. It has protection from overloading and overheating, minimizing damage to the internal components even when working at full blast. 


  • Adjustable bass boost and boost frequency
  • Has a convenient indicator to monitor the amp 
  • Comes with multiple features for protection 


  • Does not include a bass remote 


A highly-capable amp for noise reduction, it has built-in features that ensure audio clarity and protection from external elements. 


Fun Fact: You could still bring out the “oomph!” from your subwoofers by using the best half ohm car amps without breaking the bank!

Choosing The Best 4000 Watt Car Amplifiers

From running watt to frequency response, you must understand several things as you narrow down your choices for the best 4000 Watt RMS amp. To help you decide, below are the most important considerations. 

Amplifier Class

Class A

This amplifier is known for having low distortion, clean output, and high fidelity. Nonetheless, the biggest shortcoming is that it is prone to overheating. 

Class B

A type of switched amplifier, it has an internal circuit that allows it to change the output transistor in the absence of signals to amplify. It is compact and audio fidelity can be an issue. 

Class A/B

A hybrid of Class A and B amplifiers, it is a common option in a full-range car audio sound system. 

Class D

Most of the options above fall under this category. Class D amplifiers are extremely efficient, but the biggest drawback is that they are prone to distortion, especially at high frequencies. 


The best practice is to first pick a speaker and then choose an amp with compatible power output. Determine the RMS power of the speaker. The amp should match 75% to 100% of that value. 

Here’s a short guide on how you can match the power of your amp to your speakers:

Fun Fact: If you notice that your amp turns on but no sound from speakers, then you could be experiencing incompatibility problems or, worse, busted speakers! Seek assistance from a car audio specialist at once.


The right choice for the number of channels depends on the number of speakers you would like to connect to your audio system. You must have one channel for every speaker. If you will add a subwoofer, you are good enough with an amplifier with a single channel. 

Audio Quality

Find an amp that can provide the best audio possible with your current setup. Some of the features that will come in handy include variable bass boost, subsonic filter, subwoofer level control, and variable low pass filter. 

Fun Fact: There might be instances where your car amplifier begins showing signs of wear and tear. Don’t fret just yet! You could be experiencing bad ground on amp symptoms that need immediate attention. Seek professional advice or assistance at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of installing a 4000-watt amplifier?

By installing a 4,000-watt car amp, you can enjoy a more immersive audio experience on the road. It can ensure accurate, loud, and clear audio reproduction, regardless of external conditions. Even with road noise, you can hear the music clearly. 

What are the best brands of a 4000-watt car amp?

Planet Audio, Rockville, Hifonics, Boss Audio Systems, Power Acoustik, and Skar Audio are some of the best brands of 4000W car amplifiers. They have a wide range of models offering superior performance. 


Take your in-car audio experience to the next level. Invest in a 4000-watt amp to enjoy loud and clear music without noise and distortion. 

While the options are plenty, the winner of this review is Planet Audio AC4000.1D Class D Amplifier. From the efficient power supply to having multiple controls for personalizing sound output, it packs a long list of incredible features.  

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