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Best 3000 Watt Amp: Cheap 3000 Watt Amps For Budget Noobs

Last Updated on: June 8, 2024

From rock to hip-hop, whatever genre of music you love listening to, having the best 3000 watt amp will change the experience! 

The right amp increases volume while making the sound clearer! It generates a blast without worrying about distortion. It matches the speaker and subwoofer, among other components. 

Nonetheless, while 3000W car amps deliver an array of benefits, they are not all the same. From price to performance, you must be discerning to find a product that works best for your needs. 

If there is one product that should be on your radar, then it would be Planet Audio TR3000.1D.

Read on and find out about it, as well as other top options worth considering.

Best 3000 Watt Car Amp Reviews

1. Planet Audio TR3000.1D Car Amplifier – Best Overall

Planet Audio TR3000.1D Class D Car Amplifier - 3000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, Mosfet Power Supply, Great for Subwoofers

The price of this amplifier is one of the first things that you will notice. Yes, it is cheap, but that does not mean that it compromises performance. Despite being affordable, it is powerful. 

Looking at its features, one thing that stands out is the MOSFET or metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors. It generates a high-efficiency output from full to non-conduction. It establishes a direct connection that makes the amp more efficient. 

More so, it has a variable low pass filter, which will let you control the frequencies passing through the subwoofer. Meanwhile, the subsonic filter limits low frequencies from going below a specific setting to protect the subwoofer. 

The Planet Audio TR3000.1D also excels because of the subwoofer level control, which you can adjust through the remote that comes with the kit. You can customize the low bass based on the output that you anticipate. 

Plus, it has a LED logo. The subtle illumination enhances the aesthetic appeal of the amplifier. It also doubles as an indicator so you will easily know if the unit is in power or protect mode. 

Need more power? This amplifier is strapping capable, so you can connect two units. 


  • Great for small spaces 
  • Stylish 
  • Has different filters to minimize distortion 
  • Customizable bass to suit user preference 


  • The remote control can be buggy 


If you are looking for a cheap 3000 Watt amplifier that can deliver superior performance, you won’t go wrong with Planet Audio TR3000.1D.


2. Pyramid America B2518 Car Amp – Best For People On A Budget

Audiobank Monoblock 3000 WATTS Amp Class AB Car Audio Stereo Amplifier P3001 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Heatsink | Class A-B Operation Remote On/Off Circuit

Of all the choices for the best 3000 Watt car amp in this review, the Pyramid America B2518 is the cheapest. This is ideal for those on a budget but unwilling to compromise sound quality. 

It is a great pick if you want to power several speakers with a single amp in your car. This is possible because of its electronic crossover, which is fully customizable. It directs audio to the right crossover. 

The Pyramid America B2518 amp has exceptional bass, which you can adjust to your liking. 

With the variable bass boost, you can customize the sound output. You can change it depending on the genre of music or the quality of the audio you want the speakers to generate. 

Additionally, it has gain control, which is an input matching device. It matches the output of the source unit to the input circuit of the amp. This is effective in the prevention of clipping and distortion, even at high volumes. 

Looking at its technical specs, one of the most notable is the total harmonic distortion below .04%. It will ensure proper operation while also prolonging the functional life of the amp. 

While it is great overall, a minor gripe I have about this product is that it often switches to protection mode in an instant. It could use some design improvements for better thermal management, which will prevent the amp from quickly overheating. 


  • Ideal for powering multiple speakers 
  • Prevents audio distortion even when music is at full volume 


  • Quickly switches to protection mode 


One of my favorite cheap 3000 Watt amps, the Pyramid America B2518 is impressive because of its ability to power multiple speakers and play at a high volume without clipping.


3. Boss Audio System AR3000D Car Amplifier – Best Class D Amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems AR3000D Class D Car Amplifier - 3000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, Mosfet Power Supply

Do you want car audio that packs a punch? This amp is a great addition to your sound system. 

The MOSFET power supply is one of the best things about this model. The latter is responsible for processing digital signals with minimal power consumption, making this amp highly efficient. 

A high-output amplifier, the Boss Audio System AR3000D is well-loved because it reduces power loss. It stores excess energy instead of converting it into heat. 

It also helps that it has a heat sink for effective thermal management. This is unlike others that can overheat within a short span of use, especially at high volumes. 

Performance-wise, it generates superior audio quality. One reason for this is the subwoofer control. Even at a distance, you can customize the subwoofer output to suit your listening preference. 

Lastly, this option for the best 3000W amp has short protection. It automatically shuts down when the temperature is beyond what it can manage, eliminating the possibility of a short circuit. Despite this, some users are sharing that it can bust capacitors.


  • Effectively reduces power loss
  • Has a remote subwoofer control 
  • Automatic shut-off for protection of internal components 


  • Prone to busting capacitors 


A high-output amplifier, the Boss Audio System AR3000D is powerful while having effective thermal management that helps prolong its lifespan.


4. Boss Audio Systems PT3000 Car Amplifier – Best Class A/B Amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems PT3000 2 Channel Car Amplifier – Phantom Series, 3000 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2-4 Ohm Stable, MOSFET Power Supply, Bridgeable

Take your car audio system to the next level with this incredible amplifier. It is a full-range amp with an RMS power rating of 4 ohms. 

Like many of the products on this list, it has a pulse width modulated MOSFET power supply. It is a switching power supply that regulates voltage for superior performance in different conditions. 

As a bridgeable car amp, you can significantly increase power output. Strap two amps and you can enjoy two channels. 

Another good reason to choose Boss Audio Systems PT3000 Car Amplifier is its multi-LED illumination. The changing colors of the backlight make it a great addition to any car. 

I am also a big fan of the black-anodized heat sink with heavy-duty construction. It does not only prevent overheating but also protects the internal component from damage. 

One more thing that makes it a great pick for the best 3000 Watt amp for the price is its three-way protection. You can have peace of mind knowing that it has top-notch protection from short circuits, overloading, and over-heating. 

The wired remote bass control is a great feature of this Class AB car amp. However, it feels quite flimsy, and other past users have noted that it can easily loosen. 


  • Excellent voltage regulation in different environments 
  • Can double the power output by bridging two amps 
  • Comes with a superior heat sink that prevents overheating 
  • Has three-way protection for your peace of mind 


  • Flimsy bass control knob 


From its three-way protection to the anodized heat sink, the Boss Audio Systems PT3000 Car Amplifier has many incredible features that make it worth every dollar.


5. Planet Audio PL300 Car Amplifier – Best For Strapping

Planet Audio PL3000.1D Class D Car Amplifier - 3000 Watts, 1 Ohm Stable, Digital, Monoblock, Mosfet Power Supply, Great for Subwoofers

Connect two amplifiers for higher output. With its strapping capability, you can enjoy a more powerful car audio system. You have full control of the audio! 

The Planet Audio PL300 Car Amplifier has various adjustments so you can customize the output as you desire. For instance, it comes with a variable subsonic filter. It prevents subwoofers from bottoming out. It filters frequencies depending on what the system can handle. 

More so, this pick for the best 3000 Watt RMS amp has a variable low-pass crossover. This will let users specify sound specifications in such a way that it will be compatible with the low frequencies that a subwoofer can generate. 

If you like looking into numbers, you will be impressed with this Class D 1 ohm stable amp. It has a signal-to-noise ratio of 105 dB. Meanwhile, the frequency response ranges from 15 Hz to 150 Hz. These numbers indicate how powerful it is. 

I also like how this mono amplifier has a blue illuminated logo in the center. The edges also have soft lighting, which makes it appealing. 


  • Offers users several options for customization
  • Works with low frequencies to complement a subwoofer 
  • Allows strapping to increase the power output 


  • Poorly-constructed bass knob


Overall, the Planet Audio PL300 Car Amplifier deserves a spot on your list because of its strapping compatibility and multiple user adjustments for customizing audio.


6. Hifonics BXX3000.1D Brutus Car Amplifier – Best For Low Noise

Hifonics BXX3000.1D

Noise distortion is annoying! It ruins your audio listening experience as it distorts the sound. 

The Hifonics BXX3000.1D Brutus Car Amplifier makes sure that you can hear everything. 

One of the many features that make it effective in reducing noise is its pre-amplifier circuitry. It has a signal-to-noise rating of less than 95 dB. Its maximum low voltage signal is processed with minimal distortion. 

To add, this mono amp comes with an electronic equalizer. It has an onboard control so that you can customize the frequencies of the subwoofers and speakers. 

Overheating is a common problem in many car amps. Luckily, this is not an issue with this amp as it has an aluminum heat sink. It has effective thermal management to help prolong its functional life. 

It is also worth noting that the power supply has a simpatico coil design. It has dual coils for effective voltage regulation throughout its use. 

The biggest drawback of this product is its cost. The premium price tag can set many people off. Nonetheless, it is justifiable because of the many features that make it a worthy option for the best 3000 Watt car amplifiers. 


  • Generates minimal noise for a clearer audio 
  • Has an electronic equalizer for adjusting frequencies 
  • The aluminum heat sink promotes effective thermal management 


  • Not for people on a budget 


With smooth and clear audio even in the most demanding applications, the Hifonics BXX3000.1D Brutus Car Amplifier is another product worth considering. 


7. Audiobank Monoblock Car Amp – Best For Small Sound Systems

Audiobank Monoblock 3000 WATTS Amp Class AB Car Audio Stereo Amplifier P3001 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Heatsink | Class A-B Operation Remote On/Off Circuit

Wrapping up this 3000 Watt amp review is an affordable product that delivers excellent music clarity.

The Audiobank Monoblock Car Amp has a stable operation at 2 ohms. It can power multiple speakers with low impedance. 

Another feature that makes it a great addition to this list is its soft-start circuit. It turns on gradually to avoid unnecessary strain on the components, especially when operating under a heavy load. 

As for the construction, the Audiobank Monoblock Car Amp comes with an aluminum alloy heatsink. It is heavy-duty, so I am confident that it will last through the years. 

The LED indicator is another great feature, so you won’t be left guessing the status of the amp. It also shows if the unit is in protection mode. 

Before buying this amp, however, take note that it is not bridgeable. This means that you cannot connect two units if you want to increase their power output. 


  • Convenient LED power indicator 
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction 
  • Has speaker short protection 


  • Cannot be bridged  


With a soft start, aluminum heat sink, and LED indicator, this 3000 watts RMS amp promises superior performance.


Fun Fact: Did you know you could do a car amp remote wire bypass to turn on your car amplifier?

Essential Considerations When Choosing A 3000 Watt Amp

The options abound, but this is not an excuse to choose just any product. Read reviews and go beyond the price. Here are some of the most important considerations as you narrow down your options:


One of the easiest ways to differentiate the options for a car amp is based on its class.

Class A

Also known as always-on, it has internal circuitry that allows current to continually pass through its output transistors. While it has a clean output and low distortion, it can be prone to overheating.

Class B

The internal circuit allows it to switch off the output transistors when they do not need to work. As a result, it is efficient. Although, there is a possibility of audio of low audio fidelity and distortion

Class AB

A hybrid car amp has transistors with a constant flowing current but can be reduced when there is no signal. Class AB amps have better efficiency than Class A amps and less distortion than Class B amps. 

Class D

It quickly switches on and off the current on the transistors. It is the best in terms of efficiency, but the biggest drawback is that this car amp is the most prone to distortion, especially at high frequencies. 


The choice of any channel depends on what you will be adding to the system. Most of the affordable models are classed as one-channel or monoblock amplifiers. This is ideal if you are adding only one subwoofer to your setup. 

Meanwhile, if you need multiple speakers or subwoofers, then you should opt for a two, three, or four-channel amp. 


Looking at the technical specs of a car amp is important to ensure its compatibility. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your money. 

Match your car to the speakers and subwoofers. It should be suitable for the other components of your audio system. 

Pro Auto Thought: If your sound system can handle extremely high wattages, then you might want to try these amps — Best 4000 Watt Amp.

Ease Of Use

If you want to save money, look for a user-friendly car amp. It must come with a kit with everything that you will need for installation, including the wires. 

A comprehensive manual is also a must. It should have detailed instructions. You can also access online videos. 

If it is easy to install, then you won’t have to pay a pro to do the job for you. 

After installation, you also need to tune your car amp to ensure its optimal performance. The short video below explains how to do so:

Fun Fact: If there is a real need to purchase a car amplifier, then go ahead and get the best one on the market! However, if you are financially strapped at the moment, then there are ways how to make a speaker louder without an amp. Just do some research, apply the strategies enumerated, and enjoy your music!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many amps are 3,000 watts?

If you are using 120 volts, then a 3,000-watt amp has approximately 25 amps. On the other hand, it has 13.64 amps for 220 volts — this is important to ensure compatibility with the battery as the power supply. 

Does a 3,000-watt amplifier generate a lot of bass? 

No, a 3,000-watt amp does not necessarily produce more bass than an amp with a lower wattage. Bass does not depend on wattage but on the type of car amp that you have. Also, take note that a higher bass is not always better, especially if it compromises car audio clarity.


With a plethora of options for the best 3000 Watt car amplifiers, deciding what to buy isn’t easy. If there is one product that I can recommend, however, it is the Planet Audio TR3000.1D. This monoblock Class D amp can provide stable and powerful bass without distortion. 

Are there other 3,000-watt amps that you would like to add to this list? Leave a comment below! 

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