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Best 2000 Watt Amp: Top 5 Choices For Super Loud Audio

Last Updated on: July 8, 2024

The main job of a car amplifier is to boost small and weak electrical audio signals from the stereo system’s head unit and turn them into a higher voltage. 

Too technical?

In simpler terms, it strengthens signals to generate loud and clear sounds, making sure that there is no distortion. 

For the best in-car audio experience, you will need the best 2000 Watt amp. It will effectively add power to a speaker or subwoofer, breathing new life to any music genre. 

Read on as I walk you through some of the top 2000W car amps that should be on your radar. The options are endless, but my favorite is  Boss Audio Systems AR2000M Monoblock Car Amp.

Best 2000 Watt Car Amp Reviews

1. Boss Audio Systems AR2000M Monoblock Car Amplifier – Best Overall

BOSS Audio Systems AR2000M Monoblock Car Amplifier - 2000 Watts, 2-4 Ohm Stable, Class A-B, Mosfet Power Supply, Gray

The brand name alone is already a compelling reason to include this product in your list of the best 2000 watt car amplifiers. 

From the high output to multiple controls, it has exceptional features that will impress even discerning users. 

Among others, one thing I like the best about the Boss Audio Systems AR2000M Monoblock Car Amplifier is that it provides multiple controls so you can personalize the output as you wish. 

It has Bass Boost, which allows boosting bass range for better audio and more thump. The kit is inclusive of a bass remote for quick customization. 

Plus, it has subwoofer level control, which attenuates the subwoofer level. 

More so, with the Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, it switches from full to non-conduction in an instant. As a result, it effectively eliminates secondary feedback in the circuitry to eliminate distortion. 

Looking at the technical specs, it shows that the lowest acceptable impedance in this car amp is 2 ohms. It generates more power and volume to make the audio crystal clear. 

It also has a long list of state-of-the-art features for protection against damages. With a thermal protection circuit, it cools down before powering again. Despite this, some users note that it can be easily prone to overheating. 


  • Delivers high-efficiency output 
  • Increases sound quality without distortion 
  • Allows boosting bass for better output 
  • Has variable input control for customization 


  • Can be easily prone to overheating 


Overall, the Boss Audio Systems AR2000M Monoblock Car Amplifier is an exceptional car amplifier because of its customizable outputs, great safety features, and distortion-free audio output. 


2. Lanzar B52 Car Audio Amplifier – Best One-Channel Car Amp

Lanzar B52 Car Audio Amplifier

Good things come in small packages – that is one thing that you can expect with this option for the best 2000 watt car amp. The Lanzar B52 Car Audio Amplifier is a great choice for tiny cars with limited spaces. 

Despite being compact, it packs plenty of features comparable to many of its larger competitors. 

With high and low pass filters, it ensures that all frequencies are heard. They allow the low and high frequencies in a song to be more audible. As a result, you can hear even the tiniest details for a more immersive listening experience. 

To add, it has a bass boost circuitry and electronic crossover network. Both features help improve audio quality to make the most of subwoofers and speakers. 

The Lanzar B52 Car Audio Amplifier is a great option for beginners. It is user-friendly, guaranteeing effortless installation without professional help. 


  • Easy to set up even for novices 
  • Makes low frequencies more audible 
  • Compact with plenty of power 


  • Bass quality can be better 


If you are looking for a great mono amp for small sound systems, it is hard to go wrong with the Lanzar B52 Car Audio Amplifier, which is known for being effortless to assemble and having a compact design despite its power. 


3. Pyle Power PLA2378 2-Channel Car Stereo Amplifier – Best for People on a Budget

Pyle Power PLA2378 Car Stereo Amplifier

For a powerful audio setup that does not cost a fortune, the Pyle Power PLA2378 2-Channel Car Stereo Amplifier is another impressive choice for the best 2000 watt car amplifiers. 

Despite being economical, it packs a plethora of advanced features. It provides users with total audio control. For instance, it has level gain, which looks like volume controls. They will allow you to customize incoming signals to match them with the other parts of the sound system. 

It also has a bass equalizer, which allows decibel adjustments to regulate the effect of bass kicks. You can balance and correct the frequency range. 

More so, the crossover switch works as a filter. It limits the frequencies that reach the subwoofer while gradually reducing the strength of the frequency signal. 

I also like how this cheap 2000 watt amplifier has top-notch construction, which ensures longevity. The main material is glass epoxy PCB with custom terminal blocks for connecting the speakers. 

Speaking of construction, it has built-in protection for overload and short circuits. There is even a LED indicator, which provides an immediate warning when something is wrong with the system. This way, you can act accordingly before the problem becomes more damaging. 


  • Top-notch construction with built-in protective features 
  • Provides users with various ways to control the audio output 
  • Affordable without compromising performance 


  • Does not include the necessary wires 


From the intelligent design that ensures durability to the various adjustments for full control of the sound output, the Pyle Power PLA2378 2-Channel Car Stereo Amplifier is incredible while being affordable. 


4. Planet Audio AC2000.2 Anarchy Series Car Audio Amplifier – Best Full-Range Amp

Planet Audio AC2000.2 Anarchy Series Car Audio Amplifier - 2000 High Output, 2 Channel, 2/8 Ohm, High/Low Level Inputs, High/Low Pass Crossover, Full Range, Hook Up To Stereo and Subwoofer,Black

Make your car stereo and subwoofer more powerful with the Planet Audio AC2000.2 Anarchy Series Car Audio Amplifier. From bass to input sensitivity, you have multiple ways of controlling the unit. 

As a Class A/B amplifier, it has impressive audio reproduction capability while being more efficient compared to Class A amps. It has an innovative linear circuitry, which reduces distortion for a more immersive listening experience. 

I am also a huge fan of its many adjustments. This means that I have several options for customization, depending on what pleases my ears. For instance, it has variable high and low pass filters to make all frequencies audible. 

Moreso, it has a switchable input sensitivity. This way, I can link my amp to any source unit and expect the outcome to be impressive. It matches the source output with a quick adjustment of the volume control. 

Even after years of use, I am confident that the amp will retain its peak condition. The circuit automatically cuts when there is a problem in the system, which prevents more serious damage to the other components. 


  • Effectively reduces distortion 
  • Has switchable input sensitivity 
  • Allows users to adjust high and low pass filters for more audible frequencies 


  • Can buzz when music is at a high volume 


The Planet Audio AC2000.2 Anarchy Series Car Audio Amplifier is a Class A/B amplifier with variable high and low pass filters, subwoofer level control, and safety features to ensure long-term functionality.


5. Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000W Monoblock Amplifier – Best Class D Car Amp

Kenwood KAC-9106D 2000W Monoblock Class D Car Audio Power Amplifier

Do not let the price of the Kenwood KAC-9106D Monoblock Amplifier discourage you from choosing this car amplifier. 

The cost is justifiable because of its many innovative features. One thing that stands out is the bass boost. It works on 40 Hz frequencies, increasing the volume by up to 18 decibels. It allows users to increase even the lowest volumes. 

This 2000 watt amp also features a variable low pass filter. You can customize the cutoff frequency from 50 to 200 Hz. As a result, it has no or minimal distortion even when listening to music with heavy bass. 

Meanwhile, the subsonic filter operates at lower frequencies ranging from 20 to 50 Hz. Even low notes will be thudding, without damaging the subwoofer even with a high-power output. 

The gain control is another amazing feature of this option for the best 2000 watt RMS amp. 

From line to speaker level, you can customize gain to accommodate a wide array of after-market radios. 

Looking at its construction, one of the most notable features is the aluminum heat sink. Aside from being lightweight, it has effective thermal management to absorb heat and prevent internal damage. 


  • Has bass boost for increasing low volumes or frequencies 
  • Designed with a high-quality aluminum heat sink 
  • Minimizes or eliminates distortion even with high-bass music 


  • Expensive 


With the bass boost, variable low-pass filter, gain control, and subsonic filters, the Kenwood KAC-9106D Monoblock Amplifier will level up your car audio experience. 


Fun Fact: Amplifiers are worth your investment if you can match them with high-quality speakers. Make some research regarding midbass vs midrange speakers and choose what fits perfectly with your car amplifier!

Benefits of Using a 2000-Watt Amp

For audiophiles, the best 2000 Watt amp is a necessity and not a luxury. If you are not yet convinced, below are some of the most compelling reasons why it is a must-have in a car audio system: 

Increase Volume

Even cheap 2000 watt amps can do a lot to increase the volume. You can hear louder, which will make the listening experience more immersive. This will make long drives less boring! 

Minimize Distortion

A higher volume often causes distortion making the music inaudible. With the right amp, such should not be a problem as it can play loud, crystal-clear, and distortion-free audio.

Power a Subwoofer

If you plan to install a subwoofer, it is almost likely that you will need an amplifier. Bass sound waves will require a lot of air space, and a proper amp will help you achieve such. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that speaker enclosures play an important role in making your audio and music sound fuller and rounder? Get some tips regarding 6 by 9 speaker box dimensions to bring out the best in your speakers’ output!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 2000-Watt Amp

The options abound, but this is not an excuse to choose any product. I would also like to emphasize in this 2000 watt amp review some of the most important considerations that help you narrow down your choices: 


One of the easiest ways to trim your options is to look at car amplifier class. It is indicative of the product’s efficiency, measuring the alternating current that one product can supply while consuming the least direct current possible.

Class A

It has internal circuitry, ensuring that there is always current passing through the transistors. With such, it is also known as an always-on amplifier. It has a clean output, low distortion, and high fidelity.

One problem, however, is that it can be prone to overheating. 

Class B

While class A amplifiers are always on, class B is switched off. This means the internal circuitry can switch off the output transistor in the absence of an audio signal. 

Because it isn’t always on, it has better efficiency compared to Class A. 

Nonetheless, these amplifiers are known for having lower audio fidelity while increasing the possibility of distortions.

Class A/B

With better efficiency than Class A and fewer distortions than Class B, it is safe to say that Class A/B is a hybrid amplifier. 

It delivers the best in terms of signal purity and power efficiency, so you can get the best of both worlds. 

Class D

If your goal is to achieve the best efficiency, which can be as high as 95%, then you should go with a Class D amplifier. 

The output transistors of this amp do not retain electricity when they are off. Hence, no excess can convert into heat. 

While it is extremely efficient, one of the most significant shortcomings is that it is prone to distortion. Such is especially the case when processing high frequencies. 

Fun Fact: Monoblock amps are great for your car audio, too! Make sure you know how to tune a monoblock amp to maximize its output to your car speakers.

Watch the short video below for more information regarding car amp classes:


To determine the compatibility of the 2000-watt amplifier to your current audio set-up, consider the number of channels. It indicates the number of speakers that you can connect with. 

1-Channel Amp

Also known as a monoblock amp, it uses less power and emits minimal heat, so it isn’t prone to overheating. It is commonly used to power a subwoofer and is known for generating full-range audio. 

2-Channel Amp

With this amplifier, you can power two woofers, and two coaxial speakers, or bridge it to power two coaxial speakers and one subwoofer. This is a practical solution for most cars, especially if you want a balance of cost and performance. 

3-Channel Amp

For those who want two power two speakers, left and right, and a subwoofer, a 3-channel 2000-watt amp is a must. 

4-Channel Amp

For more immersive car audio, consider adding a 4 channel amp. It can power four speakers, three bridged speakers, or two bridged speakers. 


Looking at the technical specs, one of the terms you must understand when choosing the best 2000 Watt amp for the price is ohms. 

Also called impedance, ohms is the added resistance of the speaker to the circuit. Make sure to match the impedance of the speaker to that of the amplifier. Whether you have a 1 ohm, 2 ohm, or 4 ohm speaker, such should also be the spec of the speaker. 

Power Rating

There are two important measurements in determining an amplifier’s power rating. The first is the RMS power rating. It measures how much continuous power an amplifier can generate. 

You should also look at the peak power. It refers to the maximum power an amplifier can produce in a short time without causing damage. Nonetheless, if it is too high, it can affect the audio quality. 


Consider your 2000-watt amp as a long-term investment. Spend if you must, but make sure that you are getting the best bang for the buck, especially when it comes to durability. 

Look at the overall construction. It must have a solid build with a slew of features that protect against wear, including excessive heat, short circuits, and overloading.

Pro Auto Thought: If you want a stronger amp, then you might consider looking into this — Best 3000 Watt Amp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 2000-watt amp good?

Yes, a 2000-watt amp is good. However, this depends on several factors, such as the specific brand and model you choose and the overall performance, which depends on how compatible the amp is with your current audio system. 

How loud is a 2000-watt amp?

A 2000-watt amp can be as loud as 129 decibels. Take note that this measurement is not based on the size of the amp but the power of the connected speaker which should also have 2000 watts.


It is not enough that you invest in a high-quality radio or top-notch speaker for your car’s audio system. 

For a more immersive listening experience, you will need the best 2000W amp. 

The Boss Audio Systems AR2000M Monoblock Car Amplifier wins this review. A Class A/B amp, has low and high-level inputs, variable low-pass crossover, bass boost, gain control, and subwoofer level control, among other things that will let you customize its output. 

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